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Final Push

Work continues preparing No Good Deed… for publication. I’ve selected the final cover design (previously posted) and received my manuscript back from the editor and reviewed it. I’m just going through it one last time before I start formatting. Wow, I’m almost to publication. Exciting!

And speaking of final pushes, go Cards! 2013 National League Central Champions, and the best record in the National League. Playoff baseball in St. Louis is without a doubt the absolute best time of year.


No Good Deed… Cover

No Good Deed... Cover

A first look at the cover of No Good Deed…, with artwork by Aprilily

Editing and Covers

First post time!

Before long I’ll soon to be able to say “I’m a writer!” and not be talking about the fan fiction I may or may not still be writing in my spare time. My debut novella, No Good Deed…, is off to the editor. Fingers crossed I don’t get back a block of red text.

Almost all the prep work is done. I’ve got my ISBN, I’ve got my document formatted and ready to paste in the edited text. All I need now is the cover. I’m in the process of selecting it now, but good god is it a tough decision. So much good artwork, but I only get to use one.