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The Book House Fundraiser Updated

More information available on the Book House fundraiser!


I’m one of the “More than 20” authors, but it’s a start. If you can’t see the flyer/pic, it will be at 8pm on November 15, at¬†Schlafly Bottle Works on 7260 Southwest Ave., in Maplewood.


Author Table and Fundraiser

Additional details to follow, but just a quick announcement that I will be attending a fundraiser to help raise the money needed to open The Book House’s new Maplewood, MO location.

This will be my first author table, which is equal parts awesome and frelling scary, but I’m looking forward to it!

Kindle Edition

The Kindle Edition of No Good Deed… is now available. There will be other channels that become available via the expanded distribution later, but with this, the main channels are all open for business. Woo!


No Good Deed… (paperback) is now listing on Amazon.

Still waiting for the Kindle release, but the Nook edition is also now available.

No Good Deed… Released!

It’s done.

No Good Deed… has been released. Currently it can be purchased here

It’s been a LOT of work getting to this point, and I’d like to thank the support of family and friends, and cover artist Aprilily and Kate Stewart at for their part in getting me to this point. Now I can stop stressing about writing, editing, covers, and proofs, and start stressing about sales, marketing and networking!

The Proof

The Proof

Received my proof today. I hold in my hand the VERY FIRST professionally printed copy of something I’ve written. I’m almost there!