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Impatiently Waiting

I don’t play as many games as I used to. Seems there’s never enough time, and I can rarely find a game I can sit down and really enjoy. Bioshock: Infinite and the Tomb Raider reboot were both really good, though there wasn’t much replay value. I’ve been playing around a bit in Rise of Flight (WWI air-combat simulator) but the radar lead computing sights the AI uses to pop headshot after headshot when I get shot at is tiring, and there hasn’t been a truly GOOD single-player WWII sim since European Air War (I still love Aces High, but I don’t feel like getting online much). TaleWorlds is working on a sequel to Mount and Blade, which is unique for at least TRYING to bring a little realism to Medieval warfare, but as much as I enjoyed the original there’s a LOT of problems that needs to be addressed.

The sad thing is, very few of the games I really enjoyed playing are getting made anymore. With all the derivative crap out there now, I wish the big studios would start picking up the Adventure genre again. I know the smaller studios are working on them (nice how that came full-circle), but man, what I wouldn’t give for a game like the old Quest for Glory but with the production values of the big studios.

There’s still some stuff coming up from the small studios that I’m looking forward to. Lori and Corey Cole (designers of the original QfG) have Hero-U, which looks to be due out next year. But I’ve got to say the one I’m REALLY looking forward to is Heroine’s Quest: The Herald Of Ragnarok by Crystal Shard. It’s an absolute throwback to the classic adventure games of the 90s, with VGA-style graphics and similar gameplay to the point-and-click Sierra titles. There’s a very strong QfG influence, AND it makes heavy use of Germano-Norse mythology. Apparently the release is scheduled for this December.

But I want it NOW!


Book Signing

Saturday, Dec. 21st, I’ll be appearing a signing even for Rocking Horse Publishing from 1-3pm. More details as they become available.