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Kingdom Come

I ran across the Kickstarter for this game last night, and I’ve got to say I’m positively DROOLING.

It’s a massive, open-world RPG, but what sets it apart is rather than generic fantasy hack-and-slash and spell-slinging, it’s a grounded, realistic world set it 15th Century Europe. They’re drawing on historical Western combat manuscripts and working with contemporary masters to develop their fighting system (I think I need a few minutes alone now *drool*), there will be no magic, and the game promises large-scale battles and sieges in the same mold as Mount and Blade.

The game LOOKS gorgeous (see the screenshot), and will encompass ~ 5.5sq miles and 30 hours of gameplay. In just the first module. Each of the planned two following modules will add about the same amount of content.


They’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign (and yeah, I’ve already chipped in) because for some reason, their salespeople decided that the only games worth investing in are “iPad MMOs.” And they’re set to utterly SMASH their target ($500,000)┬áby the time it ends on February 20th. They’re already at over $400,000 with 28 days remaining.

The game is targeted for a December, 2015 release for PC, Mac and Linux and, funding-permitting, X-Box One and PS4.

More details can be found here: