Monthly Archives: March 2014

Non-Update Update

I really need to post here more, but blah, I have so little to really say.

Work proceeds on Bait and Switch, clearing 50,000 words and somewhere I imagine over the halfway mark. I’m still not sure what the final wordcount will be, but still looks like the 80-90,000 range.

Just read today that Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf is being released in May. It was supposed to be published a few years ago but it was pulled without any other comment. Quite disappointing considering that Tolkien was the main driving force it getting Beowulf accepted for its actual literary merits, and not just as an academic curiosity. It’s a translation that should have been available a long time ago.

So….yeah, back to work.


Slow progress…

So Bait and Switch is coming along. Slowly. Word count just passed 40,000, which is already almost 10,000 longer than No Good Deed… and I’m expecting to end somewhere in the 70-90,000 range. Hopefully. Gah, it’s just going so fricken’ slooooooooooooooooooooow….