No Good Deed…


Presenting the first adventure of Elsabeth Soesten!

No Good Deed… is set in a low-fantasy world inspired by mid-15th Century Europe. Following the adventures of Elsabeth Soesten and her comrade-in-arms Brother Hieronymus, Elsabeth finds herself drawn into the machinations of Father Garnerius, Abbot of Friuli Abbey, after taking on a job to recover stolen church property. Opposing him is an agent of the Most Reverend Augustin, Prince-Bishop of Bremen. Elsabeth and Hieronymus are soon caught in the middle, with their only way out being to unravel the Abbot’s plans, and determine just what they have to do with the reclusive Lord Cuncz, the Baron of Leyen.

With elements of fantasy, action-adventure and swashbuckler, my intent with No Good Deed… is to present a light and more action-oriented world of white-knuckle duels and exhilarating escapes, but still maintaining a focus on characters and their relationships with friends, lovers and enemies alike. It further draws on my love and studies of Western European Swordsmanship, and is an effort to write something that presents a realistic depiction of medieval arms and martial arts. This in particular, especially the rivalries between the schools of the various masters and fighting styles (in particular the antagonism between the warriors and the tournament fighters) fascinates me greatly, and will be a prominent fixture in Elsabeth’s world.

No Good Deed was released on October 26, 2013 in Paperback, and is also available on both the Kindle and Nook.

The paperback can be found at, along with the Kindle edition. The Nook edition can be found here.


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